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Q: Why choose Colorado Septic?

A: We pump and clean, inspect, service, and repair Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems with experience, character, and technology. Thanks to this, problems are identified faster, services are completed in the proper time frame, and future issues can be fixed before damages escalate.


Q: My drains are backing up or overflowing - what do I do?

A: Stop using water.  Make sure no toilets, sinks, or washing machines are in use.  It can be either a downstream obstruction or a plugged vent line upstream.  A sewer camera can locate these issues and a drain rooter machine or a hydro-jetter are options for freeing the flow.


Q: I have surfacing or ponding outside near my drain lines, at the septic tank, or absorption field - what is causing this?

A: Obstruction of the drain line can be caused by root infiltration, broken/dipped/frozen lines, plugged tank baffles, clogged distribution box or lines in the field.


Q: Lift Station warning light and siren are activated - what is happening?

A: Your pump has failed, the float switches do not function, or the outlet to the field is broken or not open.


Q: Why do I need to get a septic inspection?

A: Most counties require it for a property or title transfer to sell a house. Replacement components and new systems can cost thousands of dollars while an inspection is a small amount of money to determine if your system is serviceable or failing.


Q: How does my septic system work?

A: When a toilet/shower/sink/washing machine etc. is used in a house, the wastewater flows from the house through the inlet pipe into the septic tank. The tank is used to settle out the solids.  An equal amount of effluent water is displaced in the septic tank and flows out of the septic tank to the drainfield to be filtered and eventually disperses into the ground.






Fee $375

Fees: standard service call $125, estimates available on site

Camera service is available for an additional charge (minimum $200 as systems may require multiple ports of entry)

The average inspection usually takes a minimum of 2 hours and includes:


  • Home walk thru to count bedrooms and test drains that all toilets, sinks, showers, and laundry go to the septic system.


  • Locate well and measure distance to absorption field (unless tank is a vault)


  • Dig both inlet and outlet lids of septic tank, inspect tank and both baffles (additional fees of $95/hr occur when lids are deeper than 18")


  • Dig and inspect lift station (if system does not utilize gravity or field requires dosing)


  • Test lift station pump and alarms (high and low water)


  • Run 75-100 gallon water test through system


  • Probe and inspect absorption field


  • Sketch drawing of septic system

Common Repairs and Maintenance:


  • Service Contracts (Annual)

  • Line Snaking/Rooting

  • Tank Location

  • Lift Station Repairs and Maintenance (Pump Replacement, Floats, Filters)

  • Alarm Repair and Installation

  • Thaw Frozen and Clear Plugged Lines

  • Tank pumping and cleaning

  • Installation and minor component repair services - limited availability

  • We also provide annual service contracts.  Some counties require yearly service contracts provided by licensed professionals to inspect and provide maintenance on advanced treatment systems.  Advanced treatment systems are any onsite wastewater treatment system that utilizes an aerator or timed dosing pump. These units require regular attention to ensure their effectiveness.


Bob Broadwell and his team have been inspecting and maintaining septic systems throughout the front range since 2008.  Their thorough approach to the project, timeliness, and professionalism sets Colorado Septic apart from other service providers.  They will make sure your septic issues are solved in the most effective, cost efficient manner.

About Us

“Bob and his team are very responsive, courteous and knowledgeable.  He will take the time to figure out the problem, recommend options with transparent pricing and get the job done right.  He worked past dark when he wasn't satisfied with the outcome of our project, and only left when he was confident we had a working system.”

Jeremiah F. - Erie, CO

“We have had the opportunity to work with Bob Broadwell on several projects over the past 12 years. Bob has shown that he has the knowledge and skills to tackle some tough jobs without any hesitation on his part. The characteristic that we wish we could clone into others is his willingness and perseverance. He recently helped us verify correctly some misinformation that was done by a home inspection firm. With his help we were able to certify the system, reassure the home buyers and complete the transaction. Bob has always been a straight shooter with everyone and we highly recommend him to our friends and family.”

John & Susie V. - Nederland, CO

"I have found Bob Broadwell, owner of Colorado Septic, to be super responsive both times we backed up the septic line from the house to the tank. Bob showed up when he said he would be there, snaked the line and got things flowing again. He also identified an issue with the old cast iron inlet line that was contributing to the problem. Bob expertly replaced the old 3” cast iron line with a new 4” PVC line from the house to the tank. There is great peace of mind knowing a job has been done

Marc McClish - Nederland, CO



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